All About Danielle

I love unique cups, tote bags and anything personalized or monogrammed.  Some might call it an obsession; others might call it an addiction.  Either way, it’s a part of who I am just like photography.  As you might imagine, I had a camera at a very young age and often held photo shoots in the front yard with neighborhood children.

Oh and there was that one trip to Yellowstone where I managed to shoot 15 rolls of film in 7 days.  I can still hear my Mother, “you took 10 pictures of the exact same tree!”  In my defense, it was a really cool tree!  Fast forward several decades and here I am with my own resident models (my family), private studio, and photography degree.

My profession is awesome, I get to freeze time!  Well maybe not exactly, but pretty close.  Taking pictures of babies, children and families is my passion.   All those “stages” they are going through, I get to document for parents and families to keep forever.  Throw in the whole family loving and hugging each other; it doesn’t get better than that.  Those connections, those moments documented.  Tangible memories – that is why I am a photographer.

I’d love to share my work with you, check out my online galleries!


All About Danielle

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