Children Photographers – Tips & Tricks

Children photographers typically have several “tricks up their sleeve.”  How else do they get the the children to listen and follow directions so well?  The first one is pretty obvious, it is that I am not Mom or Dad!  Seems simple enough, but it is always easier for me to photograph clients children than my own.  The fact they they are not as familiar with me as they are you, puts me in better standing to get them to follow instructions.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

My second trick, I try to make it fun!  Let’s start from the beginning and teach your children to love having their picture taken.  I will play a game with them, tell them jokes, or as them questions.  It’s all about breaking the ice and making sure they are comfortable with me.  Once they trust me, they are more likely to follow my instructions.

Get the Silly’s Out

Are your kids wild and crazy?  Great, I love it!  I want to take pictures of them having fun and being silly.  Especially if that is who they are.  I will also try to wear them out (no extra charge for that).  I might instruct them to race each other, play Ring Around the Rosey, Simon Says, Red Rover.  Anything I can think of to get everyone interacting in a fun and loving way.

Let’s Focus

Most children photographers like to incorporate props into their sessions.  This is great because it can help a child to sit still and focus.  Especially those little boys who are constantly on the go.  This summer I held some styled photo sessions with a “Summer Nights” theme.  The prop was simple, just a mason jar with “fireflies” in it.  It never failed that when I would hand it to the child, they would stop in their tracks and examine it.  That gave me plenty of opportunity to work with the child and get the shots I wanted.  Other children photographers have their own tips and tricks as well, check out this article on F-Stoppers.

children photographers

I got his attention handing him the jar here.

children photographers

Then I was able to direct him to this pose for the shot I wanted with the lantern.

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