Children Photography Tips

Take Better Photos At Home – Children Photography Tips

When it comes to children photography, we could always use some new tips!  Here are my top 5 when it comes to taking photos of children.

children photography


Let’s face it, taking photos of our kids can be stressful.  Ok, I have to figure out the settings on this camera, and put the kids in the perfect location, and pose them just right.  Yes just like that, ok now don’t move.. I said DON’T MOVE!!  Then, the more they move, the more frustrating it gets, and the more frustrated you are, the more they don’t listen.  Sound familiar?  Yup, we’ve all been there!  The best thing you can do is keep your cool.  If what you are trying to do is not working, try changing it up just a little or getting the children to engage with you.  For example, try getting them in the pose you want and using your hand to “freeze” them.  Explain that the first one to break the ice loses.  When you take the picture it will “unfreeze” them.  Or tell them a knock, knock joke.  The possibilities are endless, but the point is, the children will feed off your energy – so play it cool.

Button Pushers

When it comes to getting pictures taken, some children do better with it than others.  This can be because of age, personality and conditioning or a combination of all of the above.  So when a difficult child “pushes your button”, let them push yours back.  Literally.  When I have a young child that doesn’t want anything to do with the camera, asking them to help me “push the button” (aka: the shutter), will help me to engage with them while giving them a task and distracting them.  Sometimes we have to take turns pushing the button.  They love it! Be sure to show them the pictures they took, they will get even more excited.

Buy In

Every parent has had to bribe their children at one point or another.  Sometimes it is just more efficient to buy a new car from the dollar store than fight.  Would I recommend this as a go to parenting move?  No, not at all.  However, there can be a time and a place where it (or a lollipop) can come in handy.  When we get our family pictures taken, if the kids follow directions and do a good job – we go to Wal-Mart for a toy under $10. This happens once a year for a great family photo.  That is worth it to me as a Mom.  You know – for the Christmas Card.

Game On

Every sport has a playbook right?  Well photographing children is definitely a sport.  Have a plan of attack.  If you know your children do better at a certain point of the day – take your pictures then.  Make sure everyone has been well fed and rested before you take pictures.  You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.  Set yourself up to have every advantage possible.

Lean In

Posed photos aren’t always the best.  Set your shot up, take the photos you want to have for the mantle.  But then have your kids “lean in” take plenty of photos of them interacting closely, hugging, laughing and having fun together.  Those will be your favorites in 10 years, I promise.  Oh, and you lean in too!  Most of the time there is plenty of extra space around your subjects.  Next time you take pictures of your children, take the first shot.  Then move in about 5 steps and take another closer shot.  When you look at them later, which one do you prefer?


When it’s all said an done, with regards to children photography, any photos of your kids being kids is a good one!  Years from now you will treasure these memories.  Oh and don’t forget to get in the frame with them from time to time.  This is very important!  Check out this article from the Scary Mommy Blog, its a great one to remind you why YOU need to be in the pictures too!