Family Photography Edwardsville

Family Photography Edwardsville Tips

Family Photography Edwardsville top 5 tips for a great photo session and the best family photos possible.

  1. Let’s get to know each other before your session!

    family photography edwardsville Whether we communicate via phone, email or text, let’s talk about what your expectations are for the session.  Do you have specific locations or shots in mind for your family pictures?  I want to have a clear picture of what you want ahead of time.

  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    sweatMany people dread getting family pictures taken because of the stress it has caused in previous experiences.  The biggest pointer I can give parents before a session is try not to get upset if everything isn’t perfect.  Getting everyone out of the house with a clean face and on time can be quite a chore.  If you have a little one that isn’t cooperating, bring their clothes (and a clean washcloth) with you in the car.  We can work on getting them ready together.  Do you have a child that has a different idea of what to wear?  Bring both.  I can take pictures of them in each outfit or costume (you might even like their outfit more when you look back at these photos 10 years from now).  Think of your photo session as a fun family activity that we are all doing together and let me work my magic!

  3. Let me pose you!

    im a poserYou have hired me because you like my work.  I have many years of training and I promise I am working to make everyone look their best.  If you have an idea for a shot please let me know in between poses, I will be happy to do it!

  4. Get a little closer.

    get closerOften some of my favorite images are after a posed shot when I have you all hug in even closer.  These magic moments happen when you interact together and forget that I am there.  Have fun with your kids now and enjoy the moment, let me record it for you.  They will not always be this age.

  5. Take a step back and let me work with the kids.

    composite As Mom or Dad, I know you can get the best smiles from them.  However, if you are making them smile they are looking at you and not the camera.  Other times, little ones know how to push your buttons (I know, I have two young boys!), if you are a few steps back pretending to not pay attention to us, they will often cooperate more.  Many times I can get hesitant children to relax by putting the camera down and playing with them.  If they are scared or shy, I will ask you to stay close to me and try to get them to look at us together.


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