Not a Favorite Newborn Session, Favorite Things About Newborn Sessions

Do I have a favorite newborn session?  Not particularly.  Each newborn session I photograph has so many similarities and differences.  Of course the goal is always the same, to take beautiful newborn photos.   Every new family is different and each baby is so unique.  That being said, there are certain parts of each newborn session that I LOVE!

Here is my Top 5 List

favorite newborn session

  1. Snuggling a newborn baby. Who can resist holding a brand new baby?  Each one is its own beautiful miracle.  And, I get to hold them!
  2. Watching Mom and Dad work together. My children are older, and it is easy to forget those early days of having your first baby.  Everything is so new; each day brings a new challenge.  I love seeing new parents change a diaper together; both change the baby, or even buckling the car seat.  As they gain more experience it will no longer require both of them to accomplish these tasks.
  3. The settling of the baby into the perfect pose. Some newborns go right to sleep in any pose, and others require an extra feeding, diaper change or additional soothing.  Once they give in to sleep and I am able to position them for the best newborn portraits, it is pure magic.  I constantly have a giant smile on my face as I snap those first few frames of a beautifully posed newborn baby.
  4. Relationships.  Mom and baby have a relationship long before they meet.  I capture that connection in my Maternity Sessions.  Once the baby is born, I am able to take that connection to the next level.  Nuzzling face to face, kisses, gentle soothing rocking.  All of these priceless actions that are so exciting to a new Mom are all documented for her to have forever.
  5. New friends. By the end of a sometimes 3 hour long session.  We have endured and survived together!  All joking aside, I value parents that choose to include me in this special time of their life.  Often by the end of it, we will feel like friends and we have won the battle (of getting the new baby to sleep on the baby poser).  It’s most exciting when I can look forward to the next session 3 or 6 months down the road and get to see how much baby has changed!

Oh and on a side note, at the 6 month session, Mom or Dad usually handles the car seat all on their own!


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