DIY First Day of School Pictures

Can we take first day of school pictures without summer ending?  No matter how much I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend that it is not August, it won’t work.  It’s that time, pencils, erasers, glue sticks; yes back to school, and the end of summer.

Ok, it’s not that bad, there is something exciting about picking out a new backpack and meeting this year’s teacher and class.  Picking out new shoes and school clothes and preparing to get back to a schedule and routine.

My favorite part of back to school is the first day pictures.  Here is a tutorial on how to get the best pictures to mark this milestone.

Back to School Pictures Tutorial

  • Plan Ahead. Do you want to incorporate props?  Something with the year or grade your kiddo is going into?  Pinterest and Etsy are full of ideas and props you can purchase.  Check out my Back to School Pinterest Board.
  • Make it all about them. Try to include things they like (this helps with cooperation) maybe have a few photos of them with their bike, or favorite dinosaur, lunch box etc.  Anything that represents something important to them right now.
  • Get their input. Speaking of cooperation, if they get a say in some of the photos, they might be more likely to have fun with it.  Take some time the week before and talk about “what would make a fun photo?”  Sometimes just taking a few silly shots, is all it takes to get genuine smiles and emotion.
  • Capture the details. The lunchbox (even the lunch – yes open it up), the backpack.  Their hands holding on to their back pack.  Close up’s of their face’s, full length of them ready to go.  Don’t forget to capture the shoes too!
  • Staging.  Do you want to take some action shots of them going out the front door?  Riding their bike up the block, climbing into the car?  Anything that would document not only the first day, but their routine for the each day.
  • Get in the frame. Even if it is just in selfie mode on your camera, get in at least one picture.  After all, you have gotten him or her here.  Did all the planning, the shopping, lunch making, bag packing etc.  This is a big day for you too!  Note:  This may require more of Step 1, as this might be the day you don’t hit the school drop off in yoga pants and a messy bun.

Free Printables – First Day Of School

school pictures

Check out these cute free printables from The Suburban Mom.  You can download them here.

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