Edwardsville Photographers – Finding Your Artist

Looking for the right person to document your family, event or milestone can be a daunting process. Most people search the internet for Edwardsville Photographers and spend countless hours looking through online galleries and portfolios.  Seeing is believing, but are you confident in your choice based on a few photos online?

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Tips For Finding Edwardsville Photographers

Keep in mind this is a working relationship.  You will want to choose someone that you can easily communicate your ideas and needs too.  It is a good idea for a pre-photo session consultation.  This can be done over the phone or in person.  Make sure that your needs are being met.  Here are two examples; are you looking for a traditional session in a wooded setting, or are you looking for something more contemporary in an urban scene?

Photography Style

This is very important.  What style of photography are you looking for?  There are various ways to go about documenting your family and children.  Do you prefer a posed traditional session?  Images from this type of artist will be more formal and the photographer will give alot of direction.  Are you looking for more casual photo-journalistic style photos?  These photos will work to tell a story.  There will be a lot of interacting between family members, the photographer may or may not provide direction for this type of session.

Direction & Comfort

How comfortable are you in front of a camera?  Some clients find it comforting to be directed by their photographer.  Posing of the family, placement of hands, direction of heads, all composed into a beautiful family portrait.  There are other clients that want a more organic experience.  They will interact with their family, and are looking for a photographer to record it.  It is important to consider what makes you most comfortable and discuss it with your photographer.