House on Fire

This week’s P52 subject was “House on Fire.” This week was much more difficult than last week’s “Selfie.” As a reminder the P52 project is a weekly photo submission with a group of other photographers. The topic is posted and then we are all left to our own creativity to come up with an image that fits within the subject.

House on fire is just as it sounds, if your home was on fire, what 10 items would you take with you (assuming your family/pets are already safe)? Spending time thinking about all the tangible items you have and giving them priority was not a simple task. I was surprised to find that the items I always imagined I would run out of my house with, should this ever happen, did not even make the list for me.

My camera is very important to me, in fact it at times is almost an extension of me. However, it can be replaced. I can purchase every item in my camera bag at any given time. Therefore, it did not make the list. In fact, how many things do we have that I love, that I couldn’t acquire again? Here is what I ended up with:

House On Fire

This rings are all irreplaceable to me. They do not hold higher monetary value than many things in our home, but the sentimental value of them cannot be measured. Among these rings are my Grandfather’s Class Ring, my Mother’s Wedding Ring & My Wedding Ring. Lastly, the computer that they are being viewed on. This computer holds digital images of our family from the beginning. I would be devastated to not have photo’s of my children as infants, as they have hit each wonderful milestone.

Have you thought about what you would take? Feel free to leave comments below, I would love to know what you value. Be sure to follow our blog circle to see what the other ladies in the group decided to take with them. Up next is Drea E, be sure to see her House on Fire post by clicking HERE.

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