A Sign of the Times

The weeks keep moving past quickly.  Which means it will be spring here in the midwest before we know it!  Speaking of time moving quickly, this weeks theme for my personal project is “Sign of the Times.”  Our assignment is to think of things in our everyday life that are used now.  Think about how they will change over time, and find an object to photograph that will be outdated or irrelevant 40 years from now.

With how quickly technology changes, there are so many things that could be photographed.  The bigger challenge was how to make these photographs more creative and fun.  I photographed a stack of compact flash memory cards.  As a photographer these are a part of my everyday life, and I do believe they will be replaced 40 years from now.  My guess is your camera will instantly and wireless load to your devices as fast as you can shoot them!

Edwardsville Photographer CF Card

This was shot on my kitchen counter.  My light source was the flashlight on my iPhone 6.  I propped it up with a water glass, and stacked some clear plastic forks inside it to make the light more interesting.

Memory Edwardsville Photographer

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Danielle is an Edwardsville newborn photographer also specializing in children, maternity and family photography in Edwardsville, Illinois and the surrounding areas including Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, Collinsville, O’Fallon, and St. Louis, Missouri. – See more of her work on Instagram!