Photography Tips & How to Rock Your Photography Session

We’ve all been part of a professional photography session at one time or another.  From school yearbooks to friends’ weddings, we’ve all been in front of a camera at one time or another.  If you’ve ever been unhappy with your photos then this post is for you!  If you are planning a photo session in the near future these tips can help you get better results.

photography session

Your Face

Get to know your face.  This applies to professional photo shoots as well as every day photos.  Take time getting to know your face, how to smile naturally and which side or angle of your face you like better.  Go easy on the makeup.  While an evening out is a different story when it comes to makeup.  If you are having head shots, family or maternity photos taken, go easy on the makeup.  You want basic coverage without overdoing it.  Try to accentuate one part of your face.


How to face the camera.  As a photographer, I will help you when it comes to posing for photos.  In general you shouldn’t be facing the camera head on.  Positioning your body at an angle always makes for better photos.  Think about your chin.  Photos where your neck is elongated and your chin is pushed slightly forward with lift your face and give it a more angular look.  You might want to practice beforehand to get used to it (think selfies).

Clothing Selection

Pick you outfit carefully.  Put some thought into what you’ll wear for your photography session.  Pair bold designs and patterns with solid colors to avoid too much distraction.  You should also pay attention to the fit and shape of your outfit.  Make sure that it compliments you and that you feel comfortable.


Photography is all about light.  Use lighting to your advantage.  This is something that I am an expert at and that is why you hire a professional.  The right light can mean the difference between that wow factor and disappointment.  Avoid standing directly under a light.  Overhead light can create weird shadows on your face.  This is why I often suggest outdoor sessions take place either early in the morning or later in the day.  If by any chance we are shooting in the middle of the day we will look for pockets of shade to avoid this issue.

Last but not least, always remember to have fun and relax.  That is the most important thing I stress to my clients.  Happy families produce happy portraits!

Danielle is a St Louis photographer that specializes in children, maternity and family photography. Serving the Greater St Louis, Edwardsville, and Metro East Areas.  To book a session or find out more information give her a call at 618-779-0959   – See more on Instagram!