Capturing Our Everyday – Photojournalist Style Photography

Sometimes, rather than worry about the perfect pose or giving my boys directions, I choose to use a photojournalist style photography to document our everyday, this style is often used by wedding photographers.  We both appreciate the break from the rules and freedom to explore.  In fact, I have found if I leave them alone, they have more requests for me to “take a picture of this.”  For these photos, I told them let’s get in the car and have an adventure!

Drost Park in Maryville, IL

We headed out to one of our favorite parks in Maryville, IL.  Drost park has a wonderful playground.  They love the equipment, I love the fact that is has a soft rubber floor instead of mulch.  We spent some time in the play area, and then moved on to explore and “look for bigfoot.”

photojournalist style photography

photojournalist photographer

drost park maryville

maryville il

The Wider The Better

I found that when shooting a photojournalist style photography, I prefer a wide angle lens.  This helps to set the scene of where we are and what is going on.  Whereas when I shoot posed portraits, the focus is more on the faces of my subjects and their connection to each other.  The wider the lens the greater the story.  I love how much of the playground equipment you can see in the photo below.

wide angle photo

drost park photos

Every Story Needs An Ending

Although we did not find bigfoot all the searching and playing at Drost Park wore us all out.  We decided to head home for nourishment and rest.  We will have to continue our search another time.  We will bring plenty of supplies and be better prepared!

in home photography


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