What To Wear

What to wear to your photo session

Great, you have booked your session and decided on a location.  Next step, what are you going to wear?  Believe it or not choosing what to wear for a photo session can be the most stressful part of the entire process!  These photos are going to be looked at for years to come and be showcased in your home.  This can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  Here are some tips to help you select the best wardrobe for you and your family.

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Coordinate your colors, don’t match them.  
The time has come… and gone for everyone wearing a white shirt and denim pants.  Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that fit within this color scheme.

What colors are in your home?  
What colors do you like best?  Are you more of a neutral person, or do you like vibrant bright colors?  What color clothing is going to look best hanging on the walls of your home?

Keep in mind accessories.  
Using accessories to accent your outfit can be fun, or a great way to add a touch of color.  They can also be a fun way to get kids engaged in the photographs.  Perhaps a hat, necklace or bow tie to add to the mix.

Limit Patterns.  
Not all patterns are bad!  Having a unique pattern in the mix is a great way to add dimension to a photograph.  Just try to limit the amount of patterns.  Not everyone should wear patterns, and make sure the patterns that are worn go together.

Plan Ahead.
Start planning your photography session wardrobe as soon as you book your session.  Is your session indoor or outdoor?  Will you need to dress for warm temperatures or cool temperatures?  Will you need to shop for new clothes or can you coordinate from clothing you already have.  Once you have made your selections be sure to launder and press them prior to the day or the session and leave yourself plenty of time to get dressed.

Say no to characters.  
We all have had our favorite superhero or character over the years.  However, do your best to keep your clothing choices free of any characters, text or large logo.  If it becomes difficult with a toddler (yes we know they make the rules) be sure to bring the proper clothing with you.  I will do my best to negotiate for the correct shirt.


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